The Company

LR Systems was established by Stratagem Group and its associated partners, being Paul van IJsselstein, Peter Boeijink and Pieter van Mal.

The origin of the company dates back to 2008 – 2014, when the Stratagem Group team led a cluster of 30 companies and institutions to study and develop new technology for Anti Corrosion & Surface Treatment. The project was partly funded by the Dutch government and the Provinces of Noord Brabant en Zeeland. During this time all available paint stripping technologies were studied and evaluated. The study resulted in a preliminary concept for a paint removal system on the basis of a high power laser mounted on a robotic platform. The initial validation of this concept was done by the Netherlands Aerospace Center in 2012.

After engaging the market with various business cases, feasibility studies, and testing, in December 2014, LR Systems came into existence to complete the development of the Laser Coating Removal robot and subsequently prepare for its global launch. In parallel to the LCR, in 2015 a robotic paint solution was also initiated and named the Automatic Paint Robot (APR), which is currently still under development. Both LCR & APR will be the largest production robots in the world today, able to handle aircraft such as the A380, B787 and C-17.

The company looks to the future to leverage on its robotic heritage into various sectors and applications.


LR Systems wants to position itself as a leading global supplier of reliable and certified large robot systems for surface treatment, inspection, cleaning, and repair. We seek to achieve our goals through the combined innovative strength, synergy, and complementarity of our partners.

Our Objectives

  • Development, manufacturing and support of common robotic platforms that can handle large structures and installations and that can support various industrial applications, such de-painting, painting, cleaning, NDT and composite/structural repair.

  • Provide unique and the best of industry technology and innovation.

  • Anticipate on the introduction of new material, such composites and other carbon fiber structures and on the use of more complex coatings and paint systems.

  • Provide a cost effective solution to the increased requirement for new and complex branding and delivery systems.

  • Manage a global R&D and industrial network that provides the best of industry and most effective innovative solutions through continued innovation and improvement of its products and services.

  • Create an open innovation platform with selected partners and potential stakeholders in order to maximize customers’ expectations and the introduction of future maintenance practices.

LR Eco System

In order to develop its objectives LR Systems has created a global eco system with the best of industry and R&D institutions, and as such allowing a global solution for today's global problems. The global approach has been established because we believe that today's complex maintenance challenges and the implementation of disruptive innovation cannot be solved by one country or by one region alone. The net-centric approach allows transparency and efficient dissemination of data and performance, direct relationship with global stakeholders and building long-term relationships. Ultimately this approach will lead to the most effective and successful robotic solutions, that are well embedded in the global maintenance infrastructure and that are sufficiently supported by end-users.

Meet Our Team

Peter Boeijink, CEO XYREC BV (LR Systems)

Peter, BSc in Engineering and MSc in Computer Science, started his career in IT and joined IBM in 1988 and has worked in the Aviation industry for the past 9 years. After several director and senior vice president positions at IT companies, he became in 2007 associated partner to Stratagem Group involved in Aerospace and Robotics. He has been leading the LCR studies and has acquired an intimate knowledge of the user requirements. As CEO he is responsible for the LCR/APR development, introduction into the market, sales, production and support.

Pieter van Mal, CFO XYREC BV (LR Systems)

Pieter, MSc Economics, EMFC, is a finance and control specialist with 20 years experience covering a wide range of sectors including Government, Real-Estate, Infrastructure and Technology. Pieter joined the Stratagem Group in 2012 and subsequently LR Systems in 2014. He is first point of contact for all investor relations and for all funding arrangements with the Dutch Government. As Finance Director he is responsible for financing, control and contracts in LR Systems B.V.