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LR Systems (brand of XYREC BV) is an innovative robotics company that combines human values, modern entrepreneurship, and sophisticated technology. We aspire to provide industrial leadership and take a pro-active attitude towards customers and markets.

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We Innovate

LR Systems brings robotic solutions to businesses through newly conceptualized systems and processes with the aim to decrease costs and maximize profit. Our centric based business model allows us to develop and build unique solutions for our customers, generating new IP's, automation, and breakthrough technology.

Enhance Sustainability

LR Systems helps transform outdated industry practices into sustainable operations for People, Planet, and Profit. We help our clients reduce their CO2 emissions footprint and replace the use of heavy chemicals by laser technology in order to better comply with their relevant environmental regulations and policies.

Competitive Edge

The need for Large Robotic Solutions can be found in many industries across the globe, such as Aviation, Defense, Maritime and more. We work together with our customers to develop solutions that provide them with a significant competitive advantage through increasing efficiency and shortening turn-around time. ..

A global supplier of reliable and certified Large Robot Systems

We have created an open innovation platform with selected partners and potential stakeholders in order to maximize customers' expectations and the introduction of future maintenance practices.

Our Approach

LR Systems collaborates with the best of industry vendors, R&D institutes, and universities around the world in order to develop unique solutions


LR Systems originates concepts from IP development, funding, and execution of breakthrough technology in conjunction with customer or end-user needs.


After all testing, regulations, and certifications have been completed, the product is launched globally starting with the launching customer.

Global Support

LR Systems arranges for continuous global support and remote monitoring of its systems through a comprehensive software system.

Rapidly changing trends within Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul across industries requires forward thinking solutions

Global growth in aviation will grow 4% per year until 2033. There is a continuous pressure on capacity, costs, and turnaround time for Airlines. Demand for complex paint and branding systems is increasing as a result of marketing campaigns, sponsorships, and growing lease market.

Key Benefits

From its existing robot pipeline, LCR & APR, LR Systems has already identified the key benefits to our clients.

  • Turnaround Time

    Extensive business cases have been developed that show significant reduction in downtime or increased through-put time for paint / paint stripping.

  • Composite Structures

    By 2031, roughly 50% of all aircraft will have composite airframes. LR Systems robots are compatible to all underlying surfaces including composite.

  • Sustainable

    Our robots remove heavy chemical processes that are damaging to people and the environment. We also focus on aircraft weight reduction and reducing CO2 emissions.

  • Cost Reduction

    The LCR and APR effectively replace a large scale labour force. Outsourcing to low labour countries is no longer needed.

  • Safety & Reliability

    Robotic automation gives greater control, redundancy, and predictability of a process, and is i.e. more reliable. LR Systems applied the strictest international standards when it comes to safety.

  • Flexibility

    Our robots can be integrated into various hangars and large workshops around the world. The LCR and APR are available in differing sizes.

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