Advisory Board

The Advisory Board includes typical end-users of the LR Systems, thus maintenance & engineering departments of operators and specialized paint shops. The Board is a flexible and dynamic platform, in which the participants may vary during the project development.

The main responsibilities of the board are:
  • To assist in an interactive exchange of opinions, advice and repair & inspection procedures in order to establish a credible baseline, with the potential for subsequent industrialization by the stakeholders. In other words it would prevent that LCR will be not developed with methods which cannot be implemented or are simple not practical
  • To assist in the dissemination of the results and capabilities and on the further commercialization
  • To provide an opinion on how LCR results can be developed for future aircraft design
  • To support the dissemination of the result towards the maintenance sector, particularly by determining in how the existing workforce in the workshops can be effectively certified and trained
  • To provide input for the certification process in order to allow for manageable directions and specifications
Members of the Advisory Board
  • Singapore Airlines Engineering Company

  • Singapore Technology Aerospace Division

  • Etihad, Abu Dhabi

  • Lufthansa Technik, Germany

  • KLM, Netherlands

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